Saturday, March 16, 2013

Anna Karenina

Last Sunday I decided to watch two very different films, first Anna Karenina (2012) and Limitless (2011). Since I spent my weekend nights watching films, started with Sleepy Hollow on Friday, which I already saw many times and on Saturday From Hell which I had seen as well.
I am not going to make a review of these last ones, for now. Almost all of you know them and maybe in a different post I will write about it, since Tim Burton and Johnny Depp are a major influence and a love of mine in films.

So, starting with Anna Karenina…
I didn't read the original romance from Leo Tolstoy, but it is on my list of books for read after I watched the film.
I can say, I enjoy watching Keira Knightley acting, I think she always pulls off quite well any epoch character (like in Atonement, Proud & Prejudice or The Duchess).
But… I am not sure about the way the film was made (produced and directed)… I was expecting an intense, heavy and elaborate film, and it turned out like a play. I know the original romance was written like a play, but the last thing I wanted to see was a film like you were, in a certain way in a theater. It really didn't please me, although I think it was a creative way of exploring and approach the theme.
I was expecting true snow, trains, places, houses… but everything was a scenario like a live play. What I really loved was the wardrobe, I fell in love with all the big dresses and shine jewelry.  

For those you don’t know the story…
Russia XIX century, Anna Karenina is an aristocratic woman married with an important government official from which she has a son. In a trip to see her brother she meet Count Vronsky and since the beginning they fell in love. What is explored in the film is the infidelity of Anna, becoming mistress of Count Vronsky and leaving all the Russian aristocracy in shock.
I won’t spoiler, but essentially is shown the role of a woman in the Russian society of the time, how they should behave, all the norms and rules they must follow.  
During the film you see Anna becoming sorely in love and, practically insane and paranoiac about everything, you see the fights, the tears and her world falling apart with the tragic end of a love story.
When all the passion is gone, the only thing that remains are doubts… this is my thought about the film and the story itself. If you didn't see yet, give it a try and maybe you will fall in love along with the characters.

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