Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Iberanime LX 2013 Day Two, Sunday

Finally I am making a post about Iberanime 2013. Sorry for the delayed, but couldn't do it sooner.

So, let's talk about it =)

14th of April, Sunday, me and Nádia around 12 o'clock marched towards Parque das Nações full of joy and enthusiasm! It was our first time at Iberanime ^_^ (all of the photos were taken by Nádia)

My first shoot before I enter at Sala Tejo (Pavilhão Atlântico) a thank you to Maguy Nunes:

On Saturday the place where the event took place was full, people stood outside to try to get in, people on the inside had to leave and all this before lunch. On Sunday was better, no big queue to enter or anything else. Before lunch we decided to explore a little bit the place, see the cosplayers around and the stalls, like Kingpin, Tsubaki, Fnac, workshops of drawing/Illustration, origami...

And something a little strange happened... I was wearing a very casual gothic lolita style and some people wanted to take pictures of me... Then I got a few little boys and girls wanting to take a picture with me (and later I even gave an autograph) x)
Well, I don't know any of the people I took photos with, I don't have all the photos, but it was an event full of young people and why not make them smile =)

I found out later who was this cute lolita girl, although I still don't know her name.

Me & Kei

And I don't know them either LOL but the boy with a brown hoodie in both photos gives me the creeps.

YES, now the break for lunch :3
I felt like a Noddles Monster! Yes, please give it to me :3

We felt a little disappointed, seems like on Saturday everyone bought almost everything and on Sunday was all the leftovers =( I didn't like it and I didn't buy anything cute anime related! And that got me the f*cking nerve! Kiddo's do you save all your money to Iberanime and went there and spend it on everything? God, why not saving something from me? And why the stores didn't bring any supplies? AND PLEASE, ENOUGH OF NARUTO, BLEACH, ONE PIECE STUFF. I got the nerve again, (part II) -.-'

So after lunch we explore the first floor, where were more stalls, but less known than the others on the floor below. Hand made jewelry, pins, badges, drawings, karaoke, Lego and various tournaments.
The only thing I bought there:

Chocolate macaron heart-shaped with a little cupcake necklace & the chocolate macaron earrings

You can find it at Hanachi Charms

More photos of the event:

Sorry, "Misa" (? or whatever you are) you are not approved but I liked the effort for Ryuk.

The slave maid

An entertaining and funny Para Para Dance, even I (almost) wanted to dance x)

The Maid Meeting

We take e peek at Gaijin Sentai show but it wasn't our cup of tea and we took another round down and upstairs. At the end of the day I was really tired, my feet hurt really bad and I had a huge bad temper XD
I think Nádia was about to "killing" me and my bad temper! LOL I can be really bitchy when I got the nerve!

The last thing I did before leave the event was asking to ViBlue to make a quick portrait of me.
You can see more of her work here.

The day was super cool, I am really excited to go to others anime events and waiting for the Iberanime next year! Which I have to do cosplay, I have to try to plan things beforehand!

The two cuties

What I wore for Iberanime:

Dress: HELL BUNNY | Lace Shrug: OFF BRAND (gift from my mom) | Tights: OFF BRAND | Shoes: TUK

Hair Accessory in velvet with a bow: CLAIRE'S | Necklace: CLAIRE'S | Black Pear Bracelets: PRIMARK | Butterfly and Flower Ring: SIX CLICK (C&A) | Black Stone Ring: 2nd Hand | Lace Gloves: CLAIRE'S


  1. O primeiro dia foi realmente um pesadelo, eu cheguei tarde (por volta das 2 porque tive de vestir a armadura e atrasei-me imenso) e para além de ser um calor infernal lá dentro depois não deixavam as pessoas nem sair nem entrar (e os cosplayers (eu inclusivé) a morrer de calor). O segundo dia foi muito mais calmo e podia-se andar muito melhor lá dentro.

    E sim, é verdade que no primeiro dia haviam montes de coisas à venda e no segundo muito pouco! Especialmente as coisas cute. Mas olha que este ano não achei que houvessem muitas coisas de Naruto, eu que sou mega fã e ando sempre à procura não encontrei assim nada!

    Mas pronto, realmente eu tenho a sensação de que te vi no Domingo. Adorei o look, estavas linda! E esse vestido é de morrer! *o*

    1. Sim, eu estive lá apenas no primeiro dia para comprar o bilhete e senti logo o caos no exterior. Tinha imensa gente lá fora para entrar, mais o calor que estava, acredita que fiquei com pena de muitos cosplayers que estavam a "torrar" ao sol =/

      Eu na parte do Naruto estava a falar de cosplayers por acaso, sempre que vou a um evento de anime, há sempre referências a isso, gostava que começassem a fazer outras personagens e animes :s

      Eu foi como disse, fiquei com a ligeira sensação que te tinha visto no domingo, porque a cara pareceu me familiar, visto que sigo o teu blog de outfits há algum tempo =) obrigada, não tenho oportunidade de usar muito o vestido, mas também gosto imenso dele <3

  2. This dress.. is just absolutely lovely! It's really great! And an anime convention! Awesome! I go to those as well!

    x Dawn

    1. I love the dress too =) I feel always so girly when I wear it! ^^
      I am not like a crazy otaku ahahah I simply like anime and going to a few conventions, it is always funny to watch everyone around!