Thursday, June 27, 2013


H&M is having sales once again! Well, maybe I am a shopaholic =/ sometimes I find myself buying pretty clothes more than I should. But I believe shopping is something therapeutic for my mind and for my bad bays with a huge bad mood. Hum... shopping and chocolate with any doubt! But I buy, sell and also trade in first or second hand. When I get sick of clothes, need a little extra money, need space or I don't wear at all, I sell and trade them.
So I am going to show you guys my last purchases... I felt like buy some comfort clothes. I love all my gothic/alternative wardrobe, but at summer sometimes is very hard and difficult to wear always black, tight and fit, a lot of velvet, lace and heavy clothes. Corsets, pvc and vinyl sometimes become a nightmare.
Summer require more fresh, baggy and colorful clothes.
(Off course, doesn't matter how hard I try, I end up always buying a few black clothes XD It is on my blood!)

Both Dresses from H&M, 7€ each on sale

Both Tees from H&M, 5€ each on sale

Both from H&M, Black Dress 10€ on sale - Beige Tunic 7€ on sale

H&M Black Tee - 14,95€ not on sale

Both from H&M, Black Skulls Leggings 7€ on sale, Black Velvet Leggings 14,95€ not on sale

Both from H&M, Top 7€ on sale, Black Skirt 4,95€ (I got a discount, original price 9,95€)

Both from H&M, Bikini 5€ on sale, Green Tunic 4,95€ not on sale

Both from H&M, Tee 7,95€, Dress 14,95€ both not on sale

H&M Skirt 5€ on sale

H&M Crop Top 4,95€ not on sale

H&M Snow White Nail Polish 1€ on sale, Kiko Mint Sugar Matt Nail Polish 2,50 on sale (love the effect)

Street Store Mint Maxi Dress 12,50€ (not on sale)
I am absolutely in love with this minty maxi dress! Looking forward to wear it!!!

Bershka Tee, don't recall the price it wasn't on sale

Bershka Skirt, 4,99€ on sale

Pull & Bear Shorts, 9,99€ on sale

Both from Claire's, Black Earrings 3€, Eyes Earrings 1€ both on sale 

Primark sunglasses, 1,50€

So, this was a few of my last purchases from those latest months.
(unfortunately I forgot to post my Januray big Haul, from sales and christmas. No big deal I will try to do the things on time next time).


Monday, June 24, 2013

Kandia @ Santiago Alquimista & Marcha LGBT Lisboa 2013

This weekend was something different than my usual and boring weekends!
Let's start with friday, 21th of June... I went to Kandia's concert at Santiago Alquimista.

It was a release party for their new album "All Is Gone", the special guests playing first were Low Torque, I've never heard about them so it was a "surprise effect", I liked the instrumental but I am not sure about the voice. They play rock with some "soft" metal influences. But above all I really liked their attitude on stage, very warmth to the public, down to earth, professional and emotional from every member of the band.
Hope seeing them later in other occasion, they make a good band to open a concert or festival.
I didn't take any pictures of them, so leave you some from their facebook, go there and take a look ;) 

(I don't get what happen again with myspace, everytime they try to change, it gets even worse. Stop it for fucking sake!!!!!!)

Continuing... Kandia's concert was nice. For telling the truth I didn't get very surprised and don't know why. I love their single "Scars" it is very Rock, very edgy but... all the other songs seem so alike, didn't catch my ear. I don't know... seems like those bands who you spread the word, a lot of advertising... and when you see it you get a little disappointed. Maybe they are too "pop" for my taste, too newbies yet... Maybe I'll be waiting for future work, expecting something more aggressive, less mechanical, staged... 
I loved the samples and ambiance of their music, but it is something added, not played on stage... I get mixed feelings about them. Maybe I have to see them live again or just expect that they grow as a band.  
But hey, they are a good band, their performance live is good, their attitude too, always talking with the audience, very friendly, saying funny things. I just didn't get impressed. Well, my problem then.
I did enjoy anyway the concert and I got a t-shirt from them, the lead singer throw at the audience and I have to say that fell right on me x)
I'll post a picture later of the tee because I washed it!

(PS - Please don't wear again that beautiful bra over that coral top =/ looks really weird when you take off the blazer. Better if you use a black top like in your videoclip! Sorry for saying it =/)



Saturday, 22th of June, 17h at Jardim do Príncipe Real me and a friend attend to the 14ª Marcha do Orgulho LGBT (14th LGBT Pride March or Pride Parade).
I support them and their rights openly and this society should grow up and not be so retard.


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

10º Aniversário de We Are Killing Ourselves (W.A.K.O) - República da Música, Lisboa

Last saturday, the 15th of June, I went to a gig with a few friends of mine. We were at República da Música for the 10th Anniversary of WAKO.
It is the second time I see them live and I really like their live shows. The first time I saw them was at the Rockline Fest II last year with Adamantine, For The Glory and Twentyinchburial. I think they have a great sound and make real good music, plus the fucking attitude they have live!!! It is to bring down the house!
The first band to play were Primal Attack, first time I saw them live and they are kick ass, great attitude, awesome sound, ready to crack the floor!
I am sorry for the bad quality of the photos, I took with my mobile. When the WAKO gig started I remember I had the camera in my bag -.-

Being honest I was expecting more people at the gig, suddenly everyone decided to stay at home or something else, well guess it doesn't matter. The only thing that matter were the ones there to support.
I love going to gigs, wish I could go more often, sometimes it is the money, others how to go. 
I am looking forward for the next one!

Leave you here a few shoots of WAKO:

All the ambiance during the concert was great, mosh pit, headbanging, fans singing in the micro along with Nuno Rodrigues (vocals), you can notice how WAKO are close to the fans and how fans are there to support them. For me WAKO are one of those portuguese bands that deserve all what they have accomplished through the years, they tour on UK and US, fans adore them, their sound is just incredible, the voice is something from other planet. I am more than delighted to see them live again..
Some might say they kinda have that "little diva attitude" XD oh well, if they keep playing as they play... I don't give a damn! LOL

A video from the night... God how I love this song so much...

An official music video:

Find We Are Killing Ourselves (W.A.K.O.) @ Facebook | Myspace | Youtube | Reverbnation

Find Primal Attack @ Facebook | Youtube | Reverbnation

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Book Fair + Outfit

Hello everyone! Finally I finished all the projects I had for University! I am officially on holidays!!! And I have more time to blog!
The 23th May - 10th June was the Lisbon Book Fair (Feira do Livro de Lisboa) at Parque Eduardo VII, me and Nádia decided to go and make a few outfit shoots as well.

It was a very windy day and a little bit cold. I spent the afternoon with Nádia and then went to dinner at The Great American Disaster with a few friends and at night went again at the Book Fair. I finally made my mind and decided to buy a book, Les Fleurs du Mal by Charles Baudelaire! Only cost 10€ with a discount of happy hour! I got so happy, I love Baudelaire 

The book comes in french, translated to portuguese, although I prefer to read in french. It has that different and original touch.
Yes, I decided to dye my hair =) I always dye my hair with La Riche - Directions hair dye! I have half pink (Cerise) and purple (Plum)!

Black Trousers: JENNYFER | Grey Top: JENNYFER | Grey Studded Jacket: C&A | Boots: DEMONIA (2nd Hand)

Left Ring: C&A | Right Ring: Gift from my Cousin

  Earrings: Street Store | Studded Choker: Luna Crescens - Dilar Reis (Diarte Store)

Studded Belt: Gift from a friend | Spikes & Chains Belt: XTREME ART (Luxembourg Store)

Bag: BLACK ROSE (2nd Hand)