Wednesday, June 19, 2013

10º Aniversário de We Are Killing Ourselves (W.A.K.O) - República da Música, Lisboa

Last saturday, the 15th of June, I went to a gig with a few friends of mine. We were at República da Música for the 10th Anniversary of WAKO.
It is the second time I see them live and I really like their live shows. The first time I saw them was at the Rockline Fest II last year with Adamantine, For The Glory and Twentyinchburial. I think they have a great sound and make real good music, plus the fucking attitude they have live!!! It is to bring down the house!
The first band to play were Primal Attack, first time I saw them live and they are kick ass, great attitude, awesome sound, ready to crack the floor!
I am sorry for the bad quality of the photos, I took with my mobile. When the WAKO gig started I remember I had the camera in my bag -.-

Being honest I was expecting more people at the gig, suddenly everyone decided to stay at home or something else, well guess it doesn't matter. The only thing that matter were the ones there to support.
I love going to gigs, wish I could go more often, sometimes it is the money, others how to go. 
I am looking forward for the next one!

Leave you here a few shoots of WAKO:

All the ambiance during the concert was great, mosh pit, headbanging, fans singing in the micro along with Nuno Rodrigues (vocals), you can notice how WAKO are close to the fans and how fans are there to support them. For me WAKO are one of those portuguese bands that deserve all what they have accomplished through the years, they tour on UK and US, fans adore them, their sound is just incredible, the voice is something from other planet. I am more than delighted to see them live again..
Some might say they kinda have that "little diva attitude" XD oh well, if they keep playing as they play... I don't give a damn! LOL

A video from the night... God how I love this song so much...

An official music video:

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