Monday, June 24, 2013

Kandia @ Santiago Alquimista & Marcha LGBT Lisboa 2013

This weekend was something different than my usual and boring weekends!
Let's start with friday, 21th of June... I went to Kandia's concert at Santiago Alquimista.

It was a release party for their new album "All Is Gone", the special guests playing first were Low Torque, I've never heard about them so it was a "surprise effect", I liked the instrumental but I am not sure about the voice. They play rock with some "soft" metal influences. But above all I really liked their attitude on stage, very warmth to the public, down to earth, professional and emotional from every member of the band.
Hope seeing them later in other occasion, they make a good band to open a concert or festival.
I didn't take any pictures of them, so leave you some from their facebook, go there and take a look ;) 

(I don't get what happen again with myspace, everytime they try to change, it gets even worse. Stop it for fucking sake!!!!!!)

Continuing... Kandia's concert was nice. For telling the truth I didn't get very surprised and don't know why. I love their single "Scars" it is very Rock, very edgy but... all the other songs seem so alike, didn't catch my ear. I don't know... seems like those bands who you spread the word, a lot of advertising... and when you see it you get a little disappointed. Maybe they are too "pop" for my taste, too newbies yet... Maybe I'll be waiting for future work, expecting something more aggressive, less mechanical, staged... 
I loved the samples and ambiance of their music, but it is something added, not played on stage... I get mixed feelings about them. Maybe I have to see them live again or just expect that they grow as a band.  
But hey, they are a good band, their performance live is good, their attitude too, always talking with the audience, very friendly, saying funny things. I just didn't get impressed. Well, my problem then.
I did enjoy anyway the concert and I got a t-shirt from them, the lead singer throw at the audience and I have to say that fell right on me x)
I'll post a picture later of the tee because I washed it!

(PS - Please don't wear again that beautiful bra over that coral top =/ looks really weird when you take off the blazer. Better if you use a black top like in your videoclip! Sorry for saying it =/)



Saturday, 22th of June, 17h at Jardim do Príncipe Real me and a friend attend to the 14ª Marcha do Orgulho LGBT (14th LGBT Pride March or Pride Parade).
I support them and their rights openly and this society should grow up and not be so retard.


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