Thursday, June 27, 2013


H&M is having sales once again! Well, maybe I am a shopaholic =/ sometimes I find myself buying pretty clothes more than I should. But I believe shopping is something therapeutic for my mind and for my bad bays with a huge bad mood. Hum... shopping and chocolate with any doubt! But I buy, sell and also trade in first or second hand. When I get sick of clothes, need a little extra money, need space or I don't wear at all, I sell and trade them.
So I am going to show you guys my last purchases... I felt like buy some comfort clothes. I love all my gothic/alternative wardrobe, but at summer sometimes is very hard and difficult to wear always black, tight and fit, a lot of velvet, lace and heavy clothes. Corsets, pvc and vinyl sometimes become a nightmare.
Summer require more fresh, baggy and colorful clothes.
(Off course, doesn't matter how hard I try, I end up always buying a few black clothes XD It is on my blood!)

Both Dresses from H&M, 7€ each on sale

Both Tees from H&M, 5€ each on sale

Both from H&M, Black Dress 10€ on sale - Beige Tunic 7€ on sale

H&M Black Tee - 14,95€ not on sale

Both from H&M, Black Skulls Leggings 7€ on sale, Black Velvet Leggings 14,95€ not on sale

Both from H&M, Top 7€ on sale, Black Skirt 4,95€ (I got a discount, original price 9,95€)

Both from H&M, Bikini 5€ on sale, Green Tunic 4,95€ not on sale

Both from H&M, Tee 7,95€, Dress 14,95€ both not on sale

H&M Skirt 5€ on sale

H&M Crop Top 4,95€ not on sale

H&M Snow White Nail Polish 1€ on sale, Kiko Mint Sugar Matt Nail Polish 2,50 on sale (love the effect)

Street Store Mint Maxi Dress 12,50€ (not on sale)
I am absolutely in love with this minty maxi dress! Looking forward to wear it!!!

Bershka Tee, don't recall the price it wasn't on sale

Bershka Skirt, 4,99€ on sale

Pull & Bear Shorts, 9,99€ on sale

Both from Claire's, Black Earrings 3€, Eyes Earrings 1€ both on sale 

Primark sunglasses, 1,50€

So, this was a few of my last purchases from those latest months.
(unfortunately I forgot to post my Januray big Haul, from sales and christmas. No big deal I will try to do the things on time next time).



  1. Ai adoro tudo! ADORO mesmo!! Estou apaixonada por tudo aquilo que compraste! Nem consigo escolher uma peça preferida, é tudo magnifico ♥

    1. x) Obrigada!!!! ^^
      Eu ando perdida, quando vem esta altura das promoções, I get crazy!!
      Também gostei muito das coisas que compraste no post que fizeste <3