Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Summer Haul + Mum's Gifts!

Hello everyone!
I might be a little bit later on this post, but sales here are/were strange!
I didn't like the most of the clothes that were on sale and then they were very brief this time o.O didn't understand at all what happened!
So most of this items I did not buy on sale... Did I say how awful the clothes were? I guess I am still in shock, I am not a big fanatic of neon colors, except pink or fuchsia and I hate ethnic prints and patterns, lots of mixed colors... For those who know me or follow me probably already notice I am more a black color girl and pastel/light/soft colors! 
Oh well, beside that, my mum always buy me clothes that she finds pretty and on sale or with a nice discount. So when I went to visit my family this summer (I only see them twice a year) I brought with me new goodies from my mum.

Let's start this post with my mum purchases for me =)

(I am sorry about the weird tones of light in the pics, but it was late when I had the time to do it)

White Top from JENNYFER - Black Lace Top from H&M

Black Lace Dress from OFF BRAND - Black Velvet Dress from JENNYFER

Nude Crochet Dress from JENNYFER - Pink Lace Dress from OFF BRAND

Pink Dress w/ Black Lace and Black Lace Top both from JENNYFER

Black Dress w/ Crochet from NEW YORKER

Black Mesh Bolero from OFF BRAND

Turquoise Skirt from H&M

Pink Shoes from OFF BRAND

My mum also gave me all this accessories, I have no idea where she bought them.

And now my purchases!

Hum, I really don't know the correct name of this, but at the website they named it Black Skirt Dungarees from BERSHKA (I put the spikes on it!) - 17,99€

Grey Top from C&A - Minty Lace Top from NEW YORKER (4,50€ on sale)

White Mesh Top from NEW YORKER (6,90€) - Green Top from H&M (9,95€)

Galactic Dress from NEW YORKER (4,50€ on sale) - Black Dress from POIZEN INDUSTRIES

Black Long and Straight Skirt from H&M (9,95€) - Skull Body from BERSHKA (12,99€)

Rock Black Crop Top from STRADIVARIUS (5,99€) -Floral Print Crop Top from BERSHKA (7,99€) - London Black Tee from H&M (7,95€)

Black Hat from H&M (9,95€)

Floral Skirt from H&M (14,95€)

Black Sneakers from C&A (7€ on sale - they are a little dirty because I already wore then a quite few times)

Red Sunglasses from JENNYFER (2€ on sale) - Minty Bracelets, Black Feather Earrings and Minty Feather Earrings from C&A (2€ each on sale) - Hand Hair-clip was handmade.

Black and Leopard Print High Heels from SEASIDE (15€ on sale) 

Nude Suede Shoes from PRIMARK (15€) they are so cute, I just love them so much *.*

So that's it for now =)
Hope you enjoyed the items!
I am doing my next post about MOTELX, but it is not finished yet. Soon I will post =)


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