Sunday, October 20, 2013

Wild Black Roses Are Growing In Burnt Fields

Somehow life seems to work in a mysterious way.
Seems to give you something sweet and the next day gives you one of the bitter things you don't want to taste.
Gives you hope and then takes it way.
Every day in life is a lesson, every person you meet is a lesson, every situation is a lesson. Good or bad you are the one to choose it.
I always try to take something positive from it... Detach myself from what I felt and turn it in something to learn. 
What did I learn?
I am more than able to feel... to feel love and something more.
I left (some of) my past behind.
I am free in my own way.
I see others caged in their feelings... and I see myself free of that kind of feelings, tastes so good in my soul.
Of course that brought me pain and tears, but in the end... I set me free. Only stars know what is reserved for me.

I am not that blond whore with a beanie in her horns with a 4 thousand followers on tumblr, I don't need to create a fictional character to people love me, I am not a fake sweetness. I am me, I am 25 years old, I love horror films & anime, I love eat sushi and cupcakes, I love to laugh and smile, I love to love.
I hate fake people, politics, lies, people who doesn't know what they want, where they stand... that hurt others.

Wild black roses are growing in burnt fields
Where death can't touch
I have heard these lines a thousand times
I have died a thousand times
I have seen it all before
I am not like other people
My heart is a thousand years old



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  2. You look so lovely in this outfit! Very nice!

    x Dawn

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    1. Hi!!! =)
      Thank you! I am glad you liked it <3