Thursday, December 5, 2013


I have been way from the blog, unfortunately I have been so busy with the master and a few things in my life are not going as planed. I still have two post to make one Outfit of the Day and a photoshooting I did with NĂ¡dia Dias, I am really pleased with the shoot :3 just waiting for her to send all the pics.
So I decided to take a questionnaire, I do not recall where I found it, probably in another blog. If you want to know me a little better, stick for a while ;)

About Me

Name --- Sara
Nickname --- Miss Alice
Birthday --- October 3rd 1988
Current Age --- 25
Height --- 163cm
Weight --- 52kg
Original Hair Colour --- Dark Blonde
Current Hair Colour --- Dark blonde with green/minty colour
Eye Colour --- Between Green-Grey

Have You Ever

Fallen for your bestfriend --- No
Kissed someone who was just your friend --- Yes
Been rejected --- Yes
Been in Love --- Yes
Used Someone --- Perhaps
Cheated On Someone --- Yes
Been Cheated On --- Yes
Done Something You Regret --- Not Really

Do You…
Colour Your Hair --- Yes
Have tattoos --- Not Yet
Have piercings --- Yes
If so how many --- 5
Have a boyfriend --- No
Like Thurdenstorms --- Sometimes

Have You/Do You Have…

Considered a life of crime --- Sometimes it crosses my mind
Considered being a hooker --- No
Considered being a pimp --- ahahah no
Split Personalities --- Depends of your point of view
Obsessions --- Breasts, Chocolate, Clothing, Piercings
Panic --- Water and Small/Tiny Places
Anxiety --- Yes
Depression/Considered Suicide --- Yes

Right Now…

Current Clothes --- My fluffy lilac pyjama :3
Current Mood --- Bored, Sad and Depresses
Current Hair --- Ponytail
Current Music --- Metalcore
Current Annoyance --- My Own Annoyance and people that never grow up
Current perfume --- Yves Rocher of coconut
Current thing you should be doing --- Studying
Current Crush --- Oliver Sykes and... Someone I love


No alcoholic drink --- Water, Iced Tea, Red Fruits Tea and Hot Chocolate
Alcoholic drink --- Black and Red Vodka, Baileys
Colour --- Black, turquoise, minty, deep red and dark green
Candy --- Milka’s Chocolate
Tv Show: Anime, Supernatural, CSI L.A., The Big Bang Theory, Hannibal, Criminal Minds
Movie --- Too many... Horror, please. Hellraiser Kick Ass! Dracula, The Crow, Drive...
Place --- Sintra
Animal --- Crows and Cats
Actor --- Johnny Depp, Christian Bale
Actress --- Angelina Jolie and Christina Ricci
Book --- “Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo"1979 by Christiane F. and Les Fleurs du Mal by Baudelaire

Do You Perfer…

McDonalds or Pizzahut --- McDonalds
Marry the perfect lover or the perfect friend --- The perfect person who I fall in love with
Sunshine or Rain --- Rain
Spring or Autumn --- Autumn
Winter or Summer --- Winter
Vanilla or Chocolate: Eat Chocolate and smell vanilla
Lights on or off: off

Are You...

Understanding --- In general, yes…
Open Minded --- Yes
Bad tempered --- Sometimes I can’t control myself xD
Happy --- When I Have a Reason To
Attractive --- Depends the eyes of the beholder
Bored Easily --- Yes
Sad --- Yes
Unique --- YES

What do you like in a girl/boy

Eyes --- The expression
Hair Color: Black or Blonde depends
Long or Short Hair --- Long (but also depends)
Body Type --- Fit body :3
Personality --- Strong personality and a open minded.Truthful.


How would you describe yourself --- Difficult to describe
Do you have any pets --- I had.
What do you want to be when you grow up --- Myself
Do you want to get married and have kids --- Well, I do
What is your best physical trait --- Perhaps my eyes
What is the best thing about your personality --- I have my own ideas and respect the different ones. Truthful for the ones that deserve.
What words do you overuse --- Fuck, shit… what the fuck?
What is the most annoying thing about you --- My annoyance

End this with a quote: What doesn’t kill me… makes me anger