Saturday, April 27, 2013

Iberanime LX 2013 Day One, Saturday

White Blouse: H&M | Black Skirt: HELL BUNNY | Black Underbust: OFF BRAND (2ND HAND) | Tights: OFF BRAND | Bege High Socks: PRIMARK | Shoes: DEMONIA 

Black Bows Hair-clips  PRIMARK | Butterfly Hair-clips:  H&M | Black Bracelets: CLAIRE'S (right); GIFT FROM MY LITTLE BRO (left) | Pearls Ring: CLICK SIX - C&A (gift from my mom) | Big Rose and Shining Ring Stones: CLAIRE'S | Black and White Big Ring: H&M | Bag: TALLY WEIJL

Saturday, 13th of April I didn't went to Iberanime, we only went there to buy the tickets to Sunday. We decide to take a couple of shoots and have lunch at Centro Comercial Vasco da Gama (a shopping that is located in front of the event place, so to speak). After having lunch we took a walk at Parque das Nações and watching a few cosplay people around there.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

"...on a Wednesday in a cafe..."

This is just a quick post about an outfit I wore on a wednesday for a coffee at Baixa.

The post about Iberanime, unfortunately will take a little longer to post because I don't have the photographs yet.
So stay tuned I hope the next week have news about it!

DIY Denim Jacket: SALSA | DIY Black Skirt: CLOCKHOUSE - C&A (2nd Hand) | Black Knit: TALLY WEIJL | Stripped Leggings: CLOCKHOUSE - C&A | Boots: STEEL (2nd Hand)

Skeleton Hand Hair Clip: 2nd Hand | Black Scarf: H&M | Bag: LIVING DEAD SOULS (2nd Hand)

Friday, April 19, 2013

Rammstein Pavilhão Atlântico, Lisboa 16.04.2013

Few of my friends are probably sick of me for talking so much about Rammstein concert before and after. But I can't help it, I am so happy, so fucking happy after all this years I finally saw them live!
And guess what? They are in fact, fucking awesome! More than that, they just do a great live concert, with no failures, what you see in videos is in fact what you get live. It was one of my best experiences in my life  at concerts! And I am not a crazy fan of Rammstein, I think they are quite entertaining and funny guys, but also very professional and serious in all the things they do.
So... let's talk about this evening =D

I arrived at Pavilhão Atlântico after 6.30 pm, the doors opened at 6.30 pm and the show started at 8pm. I went with a few colleagues and we really wanted to be the nearest possible to the stage. I've never been so close and so smashed in a concert ahah, but it was a great feeling and I'll do it all over again.
So we start to notice that the Pavilhão Atlântico was getting really full and we were always being pushing more and more forward, really crazy. And of course there are always that stupid people around trying to create a big mess and to be in front of you. But I just thought "Tonight no one will pass through me! Go fuck yourself!". Around 8 pm the show started with DJ Joe Letz playing a few remixes of Rammstein songs, a very electro-industrial beat to speak. For those who don't know him, Joe Letz is the drummer of Combichrist, he also played in Mortiis, Wednesday 13, Emigrate (Richard Kruspe band) and others. He currently has a project Letz Massacre with his girlfriend and tattoo artist Megan Massacre.

We were all very excited and we wanted to see Rammstein, Letz could see that and he said "Fuck the DJ" and we all said loud "FUCK THE DJ" XD It was funny and it was a way to get warm for... RAMMSTEIN!!!!!
About 9.15/9.30 pm we saw the smoke and the show... BEGAN!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!
I was about 2 or 3 rows from the stage in front of Richard Kruspe, lead guitarist of the band (so cool) *.* God help me, I was having orgasms the entire concert because all the concert was so damn great, the sound quality was so clean and awesome and the pyrotechnic show was unbelievable!
Till entered on stage from a platform that came down from above with a pink fake fur jacket and Ich tu dir meh was the first song of the night!
I leave you the setlist:

1. Ich tu dir meh
2. Wollt ihr das Bett in Flammen sehen?
3. Keine Lust
4. Sehnsucht
5. Asche zu Asche
6. Feuer Frei!
7. Wiener Blut
8. Mein Teil
9. Mein Herz brennt (piano version)
10. Benzin
11. Du riechst so gut
12. Links 2-3-4
13. Du Hast
14. Buck dich
15. Ohne dich
16. Sonne
17. Ich will
18. Pussy

But... I was expecting that they played the song Engel, but they didn't... I really wanted to hear the song so much. Although I think all the others chosen songs were fine, of course. In Asche zu Asche we saw the microphones in flames as usual in that song, Feuer Frei! was crazy with all that fire and lycopodium masks, Mein Teil was probably the best act, with Lorenz getting "cooked", Mein Herz brennt was played in a piano version and was very emotional and melancholic, I think is a very different way to see Rammstein, more human, more serious.
The next three songs Du riechst so gut, Links 2-3-4 and Du Hast were the best vibe from all the show. It was insane, everyone was singing, jumping, getting crazy... But for me Du Hast was the star of the night... I never thought get so emotional in a Rammstein concert, but I was almost crying singing this fucking song... everyone sang... They stop singing to hear us, they looked astounded by our reaction to the song! It is a  very hard feeling to describe for me, I've never felt that way with a song (and the song is really not that special), but was everything around, all the excitement, the passion, so intense!
Everytime that big flames came from the stage, I kinda felt roasted x) it was really intense I advise people with breath problems or pyrophobia to not go to the front, it was very hot and sometimes hard to breathe, I did fine anyway.
At the end of the show with the song Pussy, Till appears with a cannon foam and all of us in the front got a foam bath lol twice and confetti!!!!
It was crazy! For me I could stay there all night long!

So when I came home and read all the reviews I got like "WTF?" people saying all that negative stuff on facebook (I just thought, it was all hideous jealousy) and then I few bad reviews about the live performance of Rammstein. Ok, people, for start, if you don't like a band, you don't go and do a fucking review about it, because all of your no sense bullshit will create a bad perspective of the things. It is simple, for example, I don't like Iron Maiden or Manowar, so I don't talk shit about it and I won't write a review about it! I read a few things about the sound... honestly in the front seemed really fine, people on the balcony were complaining, I can't say much.
And the fact of people doesn't know german and just inventing, who cares? That is not the big point, why trying to make us look like stupid? I really don't get those people writing lame reviews, I guess Lisbon is really full of idiots as I always say.

So I leave you a few lame photos taken with my lame mobile phone:
(Yes, it was all about Richard Kruspe, it is not my fault I kinda have a "thing" for him XD)

At the end of the show a view from the crowd:

And a happy me at the end =D

I leave you a few good links from the concert.
-Serious reviews about the concert (in portuguese):

Yes Blitz, your review is just lame, for this I remember why I don't consult your website anymore.

-Good photos:

Du Hast @ Pavilhão Atlântico, Lisbon 2013

Monday, April 15, 2013

What's ON at H&M

Lately I've been falling in love with some articles from H&M!
Sadly there are a few things that they remove from their website, but still in their shops... So I made a selection of things that I probably would buy =)

1. Denim Shorts, 9.95€
2. Striped Shorts, 14,95€
3. Printed Dress, 9.95€
4. Skull Print Dress, 19.95€ (no longer available online)
5.Top with Velvet Polkadots, 14.95€
6. Skull Print Leggings, 9.95€
7. Striped Dress, 14.95€
8. Printed Treggings, 14.95€
9. Black Platform Sneakers, 19.95€
10. Skull Print Scarf, 7.95€
11. Small Shoulder Bag, 12.95€
12. Black Short Dress, 14.95€
13. Black Long Dress, 29.95
14. Sunglasses, 7.95€
15. Alice Band with Roses & Gauze, 14.95€
16. Beige Lacy Shoes, 14.95€
17. Black Suede Court Shoes, 29.95€

I am preparing the post about Iberanime, it might take a little while, but soon as I can I will post about it!
It was so much fun :D

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Iberanime 2013 & Midori 2012

IBERANIME is coming!!!!!!!

I never went to Iberanime, so this year I am looking forward to go and have lots of fun there!!!!
Since I was little that I have a huge crush on anime/manga and I developed a big curiosity on Japanese culture through the years. I've never done cosplay and I will not do at Iberanime because I really didn't have the time to prepare all the things the way I wanted. But it is fine and I am sure I will have others opportunities to cosplay, so I am just wearing a lolita/dolly style probably for the event if I feel like it.
For those who don't know me personally, I am not a lolita, my style is way to complex to describe... I just wear whatever I am feeling and I don't like labels, most of the people call me gothic... sure, my soul is "gothic" in its own way... But I just don't follow any stereotype or standard, I don't like it and I hate it.

So, let's go to Iberanime and play with our inner child on 13th and 14th of April 2013.
Leave you here the official links for the event where you can find all the information you need:

And talking about anime and events, Midori II was my first anime event I went.
It was in September of 2012 and although being a small event was cute and entertaining. I went with my friend Nádia and we had a great and enjoyable time around there.The weather on other hand was horrible, very windy and rainy (and sometimes the sun decided to appear) -.-

We took a couple of shoots just for remembering (well Nádia took^^ I just gave a little small edition):

Red cardigan: MANGO | Black and red dress: XS PUNK | Black lace top: JENNYFER | Black and grey tights: STRADIVARIUS | Striped black and red high socks: OFF BRAND | Boots: DEMONIA

Hat headband: C&A | Brooch black rose: H&M | Black lace arm warmers: CLAIRE'S
Earrings: CLICK SIX (C&A) | Red heart shaped ring: PRIMARK

And a few funny ones... Having a break for lunch and a coffee:

What I bought from Hanachi Charms

That crazy wind!!!