Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Summer Haul + Mum's Gifts!

Hello everyone!
I might be a little bit later on this post, but sales here are/were strange!
I didn't like the most of the clothes that were on sale and then they were very brief this time o.O didn't understand at all what happened!
So most of this items I did not buy on sale... Did I say how awful the clothes were? I guess I am still in shock, I am not a big fanatic of neon colors, except pink or fuchsia and I hate ethnic prints and patterns, lots of mixed colors... For those who know me or follow me probably already notice I am more a black color girl and pastel/light/soft colors! 
Oh well, beside that, my mum always buy me clothes that she finds pretty and on sale or with a nice discount. So when I went to visit my family this summer (I only see them twice a year) I brought with me new goodies from my mum.

Let's start this post with my mum purchases for me =)

(I am sorry about the weird tones of light in the pics, but it was late when I had the time to do it)

White Top from JENNYFER - Black Lace Top from H&M

Black Lace Dress from OFF BRAND - Black Velvet Dress from JENNYFER

Nude Crochet Dress from JENNYFER - Pink Lace Dress from OFF BRAND

Pink Dress w/ Black Lace and Black Lace Top both from JENNYFER

Black Dress w/ Crochet from NEW YORKER

Black Mesh Bolero from OFF BRAND

Turquoise Skirt from H&M

Pink Shoes from OFF BRAND

My mum also gave me all this accessories, I have no idea where she bought them.

And now my purchases!

Hum, I really don't know the correct name of this, but at the website they named it Black Skirt Dungarees from BERSHKA (I put the spikes on it!) - 17,99€

Grey Top from C&A - Minty Lace Top from NEW YORKER (4,50€ on sale)

White Mesh Top from NEW YORKER (6,90€) - Green Top from H&M (9,95€)

Galactic Dress from NEW YORKER (4,50€ on sale) - Black Dress from POIZEN INDUSTRIES

Black Long and Straight Skirt from H&M (9,95€) - Skull Body from BERSHKA (12,99€)

Rock Black Crop Top from STRADIVARIUS (5,99€) -Floral Print Crop Top from BERSHKA (7,99€) - London Black Tee from H&M (7,95€)

Black Hat from H&M (9,95€)

Floral Skirt from H&M (14,95€)

Black Sneakers from C&A (7€ on sale - they are a little dirty because I already wore then a quite few times)

Red Sunglasses from JENNYFER (2€ on sale) - Minty Bracelets, Black Feather Earrings and Minty Feather Earrings from C&A (2€ each on sale) - Hand Hair-clip was handmade.

Black and Leopard Print High Heels from SEASIDE (15€ on sale) 

Nude Suede Shoes from PRIMARK (15€) they are so cute, I just love them so much *.*

So that's it for now =)
Hope you enjoyed the items!
I am doing my next post about MOTELX, but it is not finished yet. Soon I will post =)


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

MOTELX - Lisbon International Horror Film Festival

MOTELX – 7º Edição do Festival Internacional de Cinema de Terror de Lisboa

(7th Edition Lisbon International Horror Film Festival)

Like a horror films lover, this year I can’t afford to lose again Motelx. Every year I am bragging about going and I always ended up not going for some lame excuse. It is quite annoying from me and in the end I download the films and watch at home. But next week I promised myself to go there, live the true horror cinema at São Jorge amongst others horror spirits lovers like me.
So it will be my first time at the Motelx which I am quite excited! This year they have in the Cult of Living Masters, Tobe Hooper from the most known The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974). A Retro was given to the Japanese Hideo Nakata better known for Ring (1998) and Dark Water (2002).

But I am going there to see some new and fresh films, which includes Byzantium the new film of Neil Jordan, most known for his work at Interview with a Vampire, which I have to say, I love a lot. I am a huge vampire lover including Bram Stoker’s Dracula from Francis Ford Coppola. So I am hoping that Byzantium be able to give that good feeling about a great vampire’s film again. (I have to say although I have nothing really strong against the Twilight films, they kind of made the vampires in some sort of fairy-tale thing… Too far away from the real vampire tales written and told ages ago).
I haven’t decided yet what others films I wish to watch like I haven’t seen all the trailers either.

Films featured on Room Service (main section from the festival) at Motelx that I have seen so far:
1st Edition - 2007 

2nd Edition -2008

3rd Edition – 2009

- The Children (RU/2008)

It is an amusing film, but don’t expect too much. It is just that kind of films where children are playing the devil role. At some point it might become annoying to watch.


-From Within (USA/2008)

Honestly, so boring that I don’t even remember anymore.


-Martyrs (FRA/2008)

It is one of my top 5 films ever! I love it so much. It is in fact, a very physical emotion in a film. It was until present the only film that gave me the chills, I wanted to close my eyes like children do and stop watching.

4th Edition – 2010

-5150 Elm’s Way (5150, Rue des Ormes - Canada/2009)

It may starts a little slow, but when you get engaged with the story, you can’t stop watching, you just want to know where it ends… all that suffering, all that sacrifice.


-The Loved Ones (Australia, 2009)

Oh, I loved this one too! So amusing and entertaining, I love the twisted sense of being a couple and love that the main character has. It is almost so cute, although you feel all the frustration, anxiety, rage from everything he has been put through. 


-Meat Grinder (Cheuat Gon Chim, Thailand/2009)

There is nothing of horror in this film, at least I didn't feel it in that way. Although the film has a great story and you get wrapped in everything that is happening. I felt it more like a drama than a horror film.

5th Edition – 2011

-Confessions (Kokuhaku, Japan/2010)

I loved the story of Confessions, you get the chance to see the same event from the eyes of all the main characters. This gives you so much different perspectives about each character and the story behind of each one.


-The Ward (USA/2010)

Well, I love John Carpenter, but I am not sure yet about this film. Maybe I was expecting a little bit more from the great Master, some horror and blood, instated I got a soft psychological thriller. I didn't fall in love this time. It is just a nice film. 

6th Edition – 2012


And just a little update about my weekend. Sunday I went to Meo Outjazz, I really don't like Jazz, it is not my thing. But I am always trying to do new things and give them a chance... Well, not for me! LOL or I was just in a very boring and annoying day and everything started do bother me. So I went home after a while.
Oh well, maybe another time!
I just sat there and watched the little lake with the ducks... instead of getting involved in all the chaos behind me, which was the place where the festival was.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Today is my last day in Luxembourg, tomorrow I am coming back to Portugal once again. I've been spending my last 7 years between places, between cities. They always say "Home is where your heart is.", but at this time, for a while I think I lost my heart and the sense of somewhere to belong. I think I lost my soul... I think I need to change my life and things around me once again. Why I am feeling this way? I need a place to settle down for good (unless for a while) and be what I need and want. Laying my head to rest in peace.
I got more confuse than before, more sad.
Holidays are coming to an end... And I am waiting for a new cycle to begin. Until then I guess I am going to feel a little lost in myself.

I am leaving a few memories from (probably) my favorite places around here. I also like the capital Luxembourg but I never took any photographs... I guess I get used to the place and I don't feel something special anymore like I felt before.

First place is Vianden, a little town very close to Germany.
It's a very beautiful place among the woods and the deep forest with mountains.
This next photos are from the Vianden Castle (better known as Château de Vianden).
His origin is dated from the 10th century, the castle was built in the Romanesque style from 11th to the 14th century. The Gothic transformations were made at the end of the 14th century.
In the 17th century a Renaissance mansion was added.