Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine's Day and Behind the Scenes

I wish all of my readers and followers a Happy Valentine's Day =D
I think Valentine's Day is more than just girlfriend/boyfriend's day, but a day for love in general... love your friends, your family =) just LOVE 

Nádia asked me if I wanted to collaborate for her school photography project, which I got totally excited and said yes right way. The project was made of six different ideas, one photography per idea. One of the ideas was for Valentine's Day, surprisingly they liked it a lot and chose it to make part of the main home page of her school EPAD related to Valentine's Day =D I am really excited! It is the first time I make part of something more than just post in a blog or for friends. And it was impossible without Nádia =D
So thank you so much for letting me make part of it, even if we didn't know that could happen!
I love you with all my heart 

So here's a printscreen, you can see it here: EPAD

"The chocolate melts in the mouth,
Love melts in the heart..."

And now, some behind the scenes from her project. The final six photographs I will post later, when everything is done ;)
The making of was made by Brunna Silva (also a photography student), you can see more of her work here: 

Please visit Nádia pages and show her some love   

Monday, February 3, 2014

A Late Fall

Hey there! Once again, I am late with this post, but better late than never x)
In the beginning of December me, Nádia and my cousin went to Feira das Almas (something like "Fair/Market of Souls"). It's a fair that take place on the first weekend of every month, at the same place "Taberna das Almas". There you can find brand new, new or second hand clothes, footwear, accessories... customized and hand made pieces, vintage style, alternative, hipster... all kind of different artists, designers, painters, musicians... sometimes they have live performance as well, everytime they have different alternative stores there. It is a funny place to hang around for a while.
Here is the link to their facebook page: FEIRA DAS ALMAS

So I bought a ring, a necklace and a seconh hand jacket.

The necklace is customized and brand new from La Cerise (Facebook)  and La Cerise (BigCartel) 5€
The ring is hand made and brand new as well, although I don't recall the name of the store 4€

And some second hand fake leather jacket from Stradivarius 10€

After we took a walk through Lisbon, we passed Sé de Lisboa and took some pictures there and sat at Miradouro de Santa Luzia and took some more pictures... it was there someone with a broken heart and really fucking drunk, cause the guy was singing Andrea Bocelli Time To Say Goodbye.
Maybe he was right and it is time to say goodbye...

What I am Wearing:
Dress - H&M | Black Military Jacket - OFF BRAND | Grey Biker Jacket - C&A | Black Tights - PRIMARK | Platform Boots - DEMONIA