Monday, March 24, 2014

A late post about... Sales season!

I know I am quite late about this post, but my room was a mess and I have a flue =( 
So, only today I had the proper time to separate and organize everything.
My room is too small and I have a lot of clothes and shoes which I don't have the space for them and in the end everything gets disorganized and mixed.

Comparing to last sales, I didn't buy too much stuff... mainly because the stores had so ugly clothes o.O 
Well... for my taste... So this time I decide to buy some cute things (because all the black clothes seemed so ugly and high school trendy which I totally hate).

- From Jennyfer:

These 2 dresses were a gift from my mom ^^

- From Bershka:












- From H&M:

1€ each






4,95 each, not in sale, recently bought

- From Claire's:

The necklace with sparkles and the white ring-stone were a gift from my mom. The hair clips are from H&M 1€ each. All the rest from Claire's 1€ each

Hairbands 1€ and 2€, the minty pouch for mobile phone was something like 5,99€ (not in sale)

Everything 1€

Everything 1€

- From others brands:

 Coat from Poizen Industries

Handbag from Jawbreaker

Purse from Tally Waijl

Top from New Yorker

Nail Polishes from Primark

Feather Black Dress from Stradivarius

Boots with fake bullets 10€ 2nd Hand

Top from Tally Waijl

Black & Red Leggings from C&A 2,99

Mini skirt from C&A 2,99


Sunday, March 23, 2014

Emilie Autumn Inspired Photoshooting Part I

Hello Dears!

Like I promised, today's post is about my modeling photoshoot with Wicked Wonderland Photography.
It is Emilie Autumn inspired, I tried not to copy integrally her style , because a bit of creativity and originality always make a difference. I love EA since I heard her back in 2006/2007, "Swallow" was the first song and it wasn't love at first sigh, I had to listening more from Opheliac to fell in love, but after a couple more songs I did!
And fortunately the girls at Wicked Wonderland love Emilie Autumn as well, so everyone was excited about the shooting! 
I was more than pleased to finally meet the Photographer Cláudia Melim and her sister, who does all the post-production Débora Melim. They are very kind and nice, I was so glad to meet them 

 Follow them and give some love 

 Photographer: Claudia Melim | Wicked Wonderland Photography Facebook and Blogspot
♥ Make up: A Dear Friend of Mine
♥ Model: Myself
♥ Post-Production: Debora Melim | Debora Melim Website

Monday, March 10, 2014

Carnival & Randomness

Carnival passed by... I didn't celebrate with all the joy and fun that these days require. It was cold and raining here, so I just went to a Carnival party at the night club I use to go with some friends!
What you did at Carnival?
When do you celebrate Carnival in your country?

My new bang and hair colour =) plum and turquoise from Directions


Bruised  Legs



Monday, March 3, 2014

Nights Out

Lately I have been going out wayyyyy too much x) Not complaining about it, but my bank account is not happy xD

On the 28th January went so see once again Tarja Turunen show at Aula Magna, Lisboa. I saw her two years ago in the same room, this time I did not pay for the show, lucky me a friend of a friend had extra tickets! I was a little bit far, cause we were at the galleries, although is was enjoyable. Still, the show two years ago was in my opinion much better.

On 13th February I went with some friends of mine to Tour of Chaos with Napalm Death, The Exploited and Hatebreed at Republica da Musica in Lisbon. The Portuguese band opening was Primal Attack, I already I have seen them and I like it a lot.
I only took pics of them, I couldn't take off my mobile phone, I was pretty much in the front rows, with the insane mosh behind me. It was chaos, insane and fucking aggressive, but everything was worth. I loved all the performances although the sound wasn't that good, every band had sound issues, less Hatebreed.
Unfortunately Wattie wasn't feeling very good at the show, so the band in the middle of their performance had to leave the stage with Wattie and he was taken to the hospital. Hopefully everything turned alright and he stayed in Lisbon resting but they had to cancel a few shows of the tour =/ 
Yes, the audience was protesting a lot, the room is too small to bring a tour like that. The place was completely full, no one can move well, it was too hot, even me, I almost had a panic attack in there. Too many people pushing around, too hot and I needed space to breath and I couldn't, I had to leave earlier.
All this next photos are from: (you can see the rest of the pics there)

Napalm Death

The Exploited

Me and my friend with all the audience


Primal Attack
The place wasn't full yet

My ticket and the setlist from Primal Attack

And now a few pics of me, from two weaks ago. Went with a friend to a Drum n' Bass, Industrial and Hardcore night at the club.

I have a few news which I am going to tell you about on my next post! I dyed my hair turquoise and purple yey :3 and a did a photoshoot Emilie Autumn inspired with Wicked Wonderland Photography 
Stay there for the updates!!!