Friday, June 27, 2014

Head Up! For The Summer Tour'14 - ARCHITECTS + MORE THAN A THOUSAND + The Year + Martyr Defiled (República da Música - Lisboa)

I don't even know how to start this shit!!!
My brain is still in coma after these mental insane live performances last saturday (21th of June)! I have been dying for this day to come, lately I got totally addicted to Architects last album LOST FOREVER // LOST TOGETHER and I have a pure love for my homies More Than A Thousand!
And I fucking loved all of the bands performances, was so cool, so out of control, I just love to go to concerts and have a fucking good time, singing and jumping all the way through! This time I tried not to go to the pit, since there was people doing slam dance, which I am fucking afraid of that shit, I saw a kid taking a big kick in their face when one was slam dancing o.O fuck!!! I can deal with mosh, but not with crazy people slam dancing and kicking in someones face!!!
Overall República da Música was full, but not crazy full like last time I was there to see Chaos Tour with Hatebreed, The Exploited and Napalm Death. Of course it was hot like always, they really should considerate to renew the room with better conditions.  

First band playing were the British Martyr Defiled, I didn't know them but... The frontman was insane, never stopped, I totally enjoyed their performance and energie. 

Second were the Portuguese The Year, didn't know as well... though loved them, they really prepared the audience for what was next ;_;

"CROSS MY HEART AND HOPE TO DIE" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

More Than A Thousand don't need a introduction, the show was INSANE!!!!! I have never felt so happy, I love them so much, everything was so cool, the sound was good, all the guitars, the voice, the drums... that was kind of perfect!!! GOD, I just jumped so much, giving the fucking horns... I even knew all the fucking lyrics xD so.... I felt like a little kid playing with a toy!
The setlist was ok, although they missed a few songs I wished they had played, it felt a little bit on a rush sometimes, but when you have a several bands playing in one night, that kind of happens.

Last but not least, ARCHITECTS!!!!!
Yes, they were flawless!!!!!! Everything sounded flawless!!! Was so fucking awesome ;_; they were incredibly synchronized, I wasn't expecting that! I watched a few videos on YouTube of their live performances and sometimes his voice went down and I have to say, Sam Carter pulled so right on this show, I got mesmerized by his quality and the quality of all the elements of the band and their sound together. Fucking perfect for a metalcore/post-hardcore whatever genre you want to describe them, band.
Once again, was incredible, I was so near of the stage, I can even look at the Sam Carter eyes *:* so beautiful! Jumping all together and singing, was such a cool vibe and Sam got really impressed with us, after all it was their first time in Portugal and I think he didn't expect such a warm reception by us, he didn't expect that we sing along all the time, was a really special show.
Short on time as well, a few songs were left behind, but still, they played the right ones!

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