Thursday, July 10, 2014

Life in Dots

This is quite a late post... back from May the 1st!
Me and Nádia decided to enjoy the holiday and take a walk at Belém gardens and see the temporary exhibition of Publicity/Advertising Art from the 20th century called "O Consumo Feliz" ("Happy Consumption") and the permanent exhibition (1960-2010) at Berardo Museum. Berardo Museum is all about contemporary art and the most known in Lisbon. If you are a contemporary art lover you must visit this museum... plus, the entrance is free. It was probably my fourth time here!
And like I said in a previous post I decided to change my look, so this was the beginning of it. I have to say now I have this hair cut, but I am blonde (I am preparing a post about it).
At the end of the day, nothing tastes better than a cappucino from Starbucks and a sushi dinner which is not included here :)
Play Time!!!!

I honestly don not remember the name of the artist or the work, I am just going to say I had a good time playing around in this "blue room" so to speak:

Am I smiling??? I often do not smile in pictures because I do not like my teeth, but Nádia told a bad anecdote while photographing xD

Dress: PRIMARK | Tights: PRIMARK | Sneakers: C&A

Bracelets and Rings: PRIMARK and CLAIRE'S | Sunglasses: H&M | Backpack: PRIMARK