Monday, August 11, 2014

Lilithium Shop Collaboration

Hello Pretty Ladies!

Today I am going to introduce you an online shop with handmade jewelry and organic products.
Lilithium Shop is a Portuguese based store who ships worldwide. 
Although they started only with Victorian inspiration for their collections, now days you can find different themes like a Kawaii Collection and their new Occult Eyes Collection in which I was asked to collaborate.
You can find them also at Anime Events, they were at Iberanime 2014 and they will be at Asian Culture Party 2014. You are more than welcome to show up and give some love.
This photos belongs to Lilithium Shop, Miss Alice (Me) and NĂ¡dia Dias Photo (who was asked to collaborate as well).

The Occult Eyes Collection:
Occult eyes Hair Clips - 6,95€ plus shipping
Occult Eyes Ring - 2,75€ plus shipping
Occult Eyes Bracelet - 5,95€ plus shipping

They also sell oils for hair and skin, Macassar Oil (used in the Victorian and Edwardian times as a hair conditioner) and Miracle Oil. If you want more information about this please check their facebook page (I will link below).
I tested both oils since I change my hair color very often and use lighteners. Both oils are really good conditioners and I use them specially on my dry ends and they also avoid split ends.

I also purchased some cute hairclips!